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Sustainable Materials, social engagement and a lots of love

Cora Happywear is a sustainable, fair, innovative ready-to-wear apparel brand. Founded in 2014 in Bozen, Südtirol and distributed through a social selling community (mothers to mothers on- and off-line. Cora Happywear offers clothes for: Babies (0-2), Kids (2-10) and Women. All the products are made in Europe and under fair conditions. Our main materials are: Bamboo, Eucalyptus, Organic Cotton and Beechwood. This means that all our products are: anti- allergenic, breathable, sustainable and soft. All our garments are special because they are made with sustainable materials, social engagement and a lots of love!


“I’m Elisabeth Tocca, the founder and CEO of CORA Happywear. With the help of my lovely friends I launched CORA Happywear. This was absolute new territory for all of us, since we all were well situated and enjoyed working in our previous jobs. So how come we decided on leaving our old jobs behind us and turn towards the risky adventure of starting a new enterprise? Simply because it feels right. We all are mums and after the birth of our children we gained a new perspective on life, the world and on what possibilities a job should offer to us and others. Our maxim is and was to make us and others happy with what we do.  We produce ecological and fairly produced fashion with fun and delightful designs for mums and their little ones. Cora’s happywear is distributed by dedicated mothers who can freely arrange and balance out their working hours with their family life. We donate part of our margin to a children-aid-project in Senegal. This is what we understand under a meaningful and fair enterprise. Of course this needs courage to implement this vision. But isn’t courage something you always need as a mother? This is why we called our company Cora, from the Italian word for courage: coraggio. Courage is the source of our idea. We founded CORA Happywear privately in our kitchen in South Tyrol. There is no big company behind the brand, it’s a project from mums for mums and children. We are already operating actively in Italy and now we would like to delight mums and children in Germany. We are happy about every women, who would like to support us on our way.” Elisabeth Tocca, Founder of CORA Happywear and mum of two.

Our Values

The values, which guide our day-to-day actions, are:
Courage is the core value of our brand and the name of our company is derived from the Italian word “coraggio”. We are highly dedicated to our vision.
Passion; is our driver.
Community makes the difference. A community of confident, like-minded women, who want to realize their dreams and who hand in hand work on their vision of a better world.
Responsibility: for us and our planet. All our actions are orientated towards this philosophy.
Humanity is the base of our actions.

Our Headquarters

CORA Happywear is located in South Tyrol – a small region that unites two cultures: the German and the Italian one. Mountains, Castles and culinary indulgences and a lot of fresh air: South Tyrol combines naturally beautiful areas with a high quality of living.   Our highest aim is to preserve and protect our intact, exiting natural surrounding for our children. This desire is the basis of Cora Happywear and of our holistic sustainable approach.