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CORA happywear is all about human relationships, courage, euphoria, trust and love.
We want to become the ecological and social apparel brand reference for mums and their kids contributing in making their life more responsible and inspiring for others.

Our collections are the visible proof of our company values. We want to support women in courageously living their lifes as family mothers in a cheerful, self-conscious way and inspiring other women by that.
Our philosophy: share love and get more out of it.

These are the values that inspired us from the begining and keep guiding us every day. Every member of our team shares, respects and strongly believes in their true meaning. 
  • Courage. CORA happywear is all about being courageous. Courage is an anagram of love and therefore a core value in CORA happywear.
  • Passion. Passion is the engine of all our actions. Is the the spirit that guides our work attitude every day. 
  • Connections. Our philosophy is the one of love: share it and you will get more out of it. We believe in the energy of being connected and connectivity is the main growth driver for our brand.
  • Responsibility. We care for our world, our society, our community, for the quality of our products. All our actions are performed with full respect of the environment and with maximal sense of responsibility.
  • Humanity & Social Commitment. Humanity is the base on which we interact with each other on all levels and in all situations. With every product sold, we devolve 2% of our sales to adopt children in Senegal thanks to a collaboration with Plan Italia.