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Reused quality

We added a new fibre to our autumn and winter collection 2016: Regenerated wool. Reusing wool to create new textiles is one of the most environmentally friendly methods currently existing. Cotton waste is sorted, processed and carded until it is finely spun into new yarn. This method was already developed 800 years ago in a small town called Prato near Florence, Italy. Even today Prato is the hotspot for textile waste recycling. To reuse what already exists goes absolutely in line with the current spirit of time. It saves natural resources, reduces waste and prevents pollution through the growth of new resource-intense crops.
Regenerated cotton keeps all features of conventional wool: it is lovely and soft, has high thermal properties, it is highly breathable and keeps you nice and warm.


Regenerated wool retains all the properties of conventional wool:
  • very soft
  • thermal property
  • high breathable
  • gives a dry heat
Composition 100% REGENERATED WOOL
Cloth ranking A
Origin: Italy
Washing instructions: washmachine at 30°C.