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The importance of our skin is often undervalued. It is the first organ to be exposed to the environmental influences. Although the amazing body capability to renew and to deal with the stressful environmental factors, we should take care and protect our skin. Even more attention should be paid to the delicate skin of our children, considering that over 4% of children have allergical reactions due to toxic substances used by the textile industry. Fortunately nature provides us tools to protect our skin's health and that of the whole family every day.


Happywear only fabric with pure, natural, high quality and GMO free raw materials, which are soft to the touch, anti-irritating, anti-allergenic and envelop your skin with a higher sensation of cosiness as the traditional cloths. CORA tries to give part of this from the nature gained benefits back to the environmental, so that all our cloths are sustainable and fairly produced in Europe. Coming from this mind-set CORA Happywear tried to find the most natural and environmentally friendly way to produce clothes for you and your children.
Cora Happy wear produce in a sustain way:
  • natural raw materials
  • eco-friendly sustainable production to guarantee a minimal environmental impact
  • no chemicals used to adorn cloths
  • only printing water based colours
The first step on the way to a lovely piece of garment is the production of raw material in order to obtain the necessary fibres. CORA Happywear only uses raw materials, whose cultivation, harvest and cleaning have a minimum effect on the environment, such as organic cotton, regenerated wool, bamboo and eucalyptus (tencel).