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Relationship between Mother, Father and Child

Relationship between Mother, Father and Child
By Sara Pacifici September 18, 2019 2249 Views

The way in which the mother establishes the relationship with her child from the very first days, will determine the way in which the baby, in the coming years, will relate with peers and with society as a whole.

The first contact between parents and their child is one of the key moments in the development of the relationship between parents and child.

Being part of this experience as a mother and as a father means participating in one of the rare miracles of life. The flow of love that is formed between mother, father and child is a palpable emotion: the bond that is formed in these first days and weeks will become a source of love and attention to both the child and parents throughout their lives.

It is the post-natal bonding, the process by which the child and the parent create a bond, a connection, an intimacy between them. Bonding is a complicity that is established between the child and the parent, which begins before birth, but blooms in the first weeks and months following the birthThe emotional experience of the child evolves in harmony with the maternal and paternal inputs.

The mother-father-child relationship should be created and maintained continuously between prenatal life and extrauterine existence: through the senses, which must be activated, awakened and stimulated through the conscious use of voice, smell, touch of hands, caresses, cuddles, breastfeeding, pouch-therapy.

Respecting childbirth - birth - physiological welcome and bonding means guaranteeing the physical survival of the child and laying the basis for his balance and psychological and emotional-affective development.

Despite the scientific evidence, in more than 50% of Italian hospitals parents are separated from their child, especially in the first two hours of life, when the hormone values of the triad are optimal for the creation of the bonding. We strongly advise you to ask the midwife who will be assisting your birth to respect this extremely important moment after the birth.





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