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Happy party...at home

Organize your own CORA Party and spend some time with your friends. Take advantage of the opportunity to see a presentation of eco-sustainable clothing, all produced according to ethical values, while enjoying the hilarious evening with one of our Lifestyler. Cora comes to you, at home ... Organize a CORA Party and invite your friends for a mini-fashion show directly in your living room. Welcome your guests with snacks and drinks and enjoy this alternative evening diving in the world of fashion. Your Lifestyler will present you a wide selection of items from the current collection. You have the opportunity to see, touch and feel the softness of our garments. Discover the philosophy of CORA and be inspired by interesting style tips. At the end of the party you and your guests will be able to order items directly from your Lifestyler. The advantages of the housewife: Only if you open the door to Cora Happywear you can enjoy all the advantages of the hostess! You will receive a discount coupon based on the total value of the Party, plus a fantastic gift CORA designed just for you. Do you want to organize other CORA parties, and make it a ritual with your friends? During the year, we are launching innovations to make your business never boring. Keep to organize new parties and you’ll always have more and more advantages.
If sometimes you could not organize a CORA Party at home, we have the solution. You and your friends can meet online, communicate through Facebook, and let the CORA Party start: your Lifestyler creates the event on Facebook and you'll just have to share the invitations. You can enjoy the presentation of clothing online and communicate between you and your home through the Facebook chat. The items you like can be purchased directly from home through the Lifestyler online shop. Organize a Cora party! Do you want to organize a CORA Party at home? Write us now and one of our Lifestyler will contact you. Together you will agree on the day and time. Before the Party, ask your Lifestyler all useful information and advice that will guarantee an ideal CORA Party.